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Family Village, a global community of disability-related resources

Pacer Center, champions for children with disabilities

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The Arc Eau Claire, Incorporated

From humble beginnings in church basements in 1957 to our present location at Banbury Place in Eau Claire, Wisconsin; we continue to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout the region. We provide all family members with resources and programs to best meet their loved ones needs.

The Arc Eau Claire's Advocacy and Community Role

A life-long resource of information to support yourself or others with disabilities

Public awareness of the issues and concerns of those with disabilities

Advocate for the rights of people and their families with concern for all aspects of their lives

Collaboration with other statewide groups

Newsletter and educational meetings

Did You Know

An estimated 4.6 million Americans have an intellectual or developmental disability (1).

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are among the most underrepresented citizens in the United States (2).

Your partnership with The Arc Eau Claire helps us serve people with disabilities in Northwestern Wisconsin to provide a life-long resource of information to support people with disabilities and their family and friends.


(1) Larson, S.L. et al. (2000). Prevalence of mental retardation and/or developmental disabilities: Analysis of the 1994/1995 NHIS-D. MR/DD Date Brief. Minneapolis, MN: Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota.
(2) www.r-word.org Special Olympics and Best Buddies sponsors.